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Dr. R. Sathianathan & Dr. S. Priscilla have been successfully running the Madras Memory Clinic at Anna Nagar, Chennai since 1996. It consists of a multidisciplinary team comprising of Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Social Worker, Yoga Therapist and Weight Management Consultant.

The Objective

To provide the individuals with wide-ranging mental healthcare resources to deal with and manage psychological, emotional and behavioral issues.

To provide comprehensive evaluation, development and application of alternative healing treatments whilst maintaining reputable clinical prudence and rigorous research integrity.

To provide life skills training for individuals to face the challenges of every day living.


We believe in the application of a holistic therapeutic model for the well being of the mind, body, and spirit.We maintain complete confidentiality, an unbiased and scientific approach keeping in mind the cultural issues.

We value the importance of empirical research in advancing psychosocial interventions and para psychological health practices.We believe in developing the "best-informed" practice by integrating family dynamics, education, socioeconomic status with clinical practice and empirical research.

Over-all Assessment and Differential Diagnosis

Bipolar Disorders
Somatoform Disorders
Sexual Dysfunctions
Personality Disorders
Developmental Disorders
Stress Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Screening and management of Alzheimer's and
   other related Disorders
Other Cognitive Neurological Disorder

Psycho Therapy
Child Play-way methods
Adolescent Counseling
Marital Counseling,
Parental Counseling,
Relationship Counseling
Life Skills Education
Crisis Interventions
Other Conjoint Therapies

Exclusive Service
We co-ordinate to provide Home Based Elder Care Services that include short-term / long-term nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic, and assistive home health care.


Dr. R. Sathianathan

Dr. R. Sathianathan

The Director, Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

Dr. R. Sathianathan, Former Director, Institute of Mental Health (IMH) & Professor and Head, Madras Medical College & Government General Hospital., Chennai is an eminent Psychiatrist in Tamil Nadu. Dr. Sathianathan obtained his Bachelor of Medicine, Diploma & Masters in Psychiatry from the reputed Madras University and his Master's in Public Health from University of North California, United States of America. As a blooming psychiatrist Sathianathan has provided his professional consultancy to various renowned National and International. At various times he has been a researcher, clinician, trainer, teacher and a social worker. He is a visionary who advocates development in the area of Mental Health in the Country.

Dr. Sathianathan joined the Tamilnadu Medical Service during 1979 and has thirty years of clinical, research, teaching and training experience. He is well known for his rural medical services, where he has pioneered in establishing Mental Health Centers in rural taluk areas where the poor and illiterate could access mental health services. He is the first person to organize Mental Health Services in the Taluk Headquarters Hospital at Krishnagiri. He also pioneered Rural Mental Health Camps in Bargur, Dharmapuri and Hosur in the early 80's.

Moreover for the last three decades he has been organizing mental health camps in urban areas and has been the Nodal Officer for 16 Districts in Tamilnadu under the auspices of National Mental Health Program. He plays a prominent role in the implementation of utilization of mental health services which is made easily accessible to the rural population for quality mental health services.

After taking over as the Director in 2007, Dr. Sathianathan has distinguished and brilliant career & had contributed significantly to the Institute of Mental Health as a result of which it was designated as an Institute of Excellence by the Ministry of Health, Government of India. This status was made possible with the outpatient department serving the largest number of outpatients i.e. around 500 per day. Moreover the Institute is the second largest in the country in inpatient strength serving about 1800. It is the only State Hospital (fully funded by Tamilnadu Government) where 95% of patients get free treatment both as inpatient and outpatient. With these enormous and professional services rendered to the community, the Institute of Mental Health has been recognized as one of the Seven Best Psychiatry Hospitals in the Country (The WEEK, Nov 16, 2008).

With the Capacity as the Director, he has taken several initiatives and affirmative actions in developing programs and procedures for staff & academic development of the Institute as also other nodal health departments / institutions. He has also been contributing significantly in panels, workshops, at the local, state, national and international level on issues related to Mental Health.

Dr. R. Sathianathan who has been recently elevated to the post of National Vice Chairman for the Alzheimer's Related Disorders Society of India (ARDSI), an organization which spearhead the need to create social awareness amongst the elderly population in the county on early identification and management of the alarming illness – Dementias. In order to sensitize and advocate about the dreadful disease Dr. Sathianathan took a major initiative in producing a short film "Ninaithale Marakum" which has been screened to all school, colleges, health workers and lay public.


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  • Former Director, Institute of Mental Health (IMH)
  • International Acclamation to Indian Mental Health Services
  • National Recognitions
  • Merits & Awards
  • Papers Presented and Publications
  • Memberships

Dr. Priscilla Sathianathan

Dr. Priscilla Sathianathan

The Managing Director & Consultant Psychologist

Snapshot of Experiences

 Educational Administration

 Academics

 General Administration


 Training

 Projects Management

 Documentation and Dissemination

 Consultancy Services

 Networking and Coordination

 Policy Formulation

 Counseling and Psychotherapy

 Psychological Testing and Evaluation

  • Dynamic and result oriented professional with over 19 years of rich experience in Academic Programme Development, Training, Research Counseling and as Consultant Psychologist.
  • Core competency in overall management of academics, research projects and providing training, guidance and counseling for the uplift, welfare and empowerment of the students and youth.
  • Extensive experience in developing and implementing administration policies and strategies for optimizing resource utilization, enhancing operational efficiency, increasing productivity and cost savings.
  • Hands on experience in conducting in-depth research on human relations and other cultural issues related to behavior and social sciences.
    - Excellent communicator with exceptional analytical, people management, and co-ordination skills and proven abilities in achieving optimum level of customer satisfaction.
  • Thorough professional, with high calibre, work orientation, and ability to handle multiple functions and activities in a high-pressure environment due to inherent ability to identify and prioritize tasks at hand.
  • Highly motivated, positive and goal-oriented with solid convictions, morals, integrity, and ethics


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  • Educational Administration
  • Academics
  • Research
  • Training and Development
  • General Administration
  • Project Management
  • Policy Formulation
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Consultancy Services
  • General Documentation and Dissemination Activities
  • Books & Research Monographs
  • Papers Published


Memory Techniques and Study Skills Training
Social awareness and Orientation Training
Remedial Training
Upgrading or Advanced Training
Life Skills Training
(Appropriate training based on needs challenges and issues )

Self awareness and Empathy
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking
Scoping with Stress and Emotions
Inter-personal relationship and communication.


Projects carried out by the research team

International Multi Centre, Clinical Trials is being carried out in the area of Mental Health since 2000.

"Rapid assessment survey on the use of alcohol among the urban population" - A collaborative study with Dr. D. Mohan, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi [1999 – 2000].

"National household survey on alcohol and drug abuse in India" - A major epidemiological survey carried out in 60 clusters all over Tamil Nadu [2000 – 2001].

Conducted a research study on enhancing the overall development of high school students through life skills training.(2000-2002).

"Injection practices among health care providers and clients" - An epidemiological study involving around 80 centers throughout the country, by Dr. Narendra Arora, AIIMS, New Delhi and Dr. R. Sathianathan [2002 – 2003].

"Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices of health policy makers influencing the decisions taken by the health care providers and caregivers" – This study focused on HIV care in Urban and Rural areas [2003].

"Migration and mental health" – A collaborative study with Dr. Rajesh Sagar, AIIMS, New Delhi [2003 – 2004].

The team has been involved in several international clinical trials - (randomized controlled trials) involving various psychotropic drugs (2000 – till date).

The team is involved with a research study on "Prevalence of depression in diabetics and evolving intervention strategies" funded by the Government of Tamil Nadu [2005].

Psychosocial support training for primary school teachers at Andaman & Nicobar Islands –(Phase I ) –Project supported by UNICEF(.Oct-2005- Dec 2005).


D89, 3rd Street
Anna Nagar East,
Chennai - 600 102
Tel : 044 4262 9209
Mobile: 9841019910

Emails :

Consultation by prior appointments.
Timing : 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm
Monday to Saturday

Information Dissemination

The center has produced CDs on:

Counseling techniques for counselors.

Early identification and recognition of Alzheimer’s disease.

A book on dementia.

Other documents of Mental Health.


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