About us

"Dr. R. Sathianathan & Dr. S. Priscilla have been successfully running the Madras Memory Clinic at Anna Nagar, Chennai since 1996. It consists of a multidisciplinary team comprising of Psychiatrists, Psychologist, Social Worker, Yoga Therapist and Weight Management Consultant.

The Objective

To provide the individuals with wide-ranging mental healthcare resources to deal with and manage psychological, emotional and behavioral issues.

To provide comprehensive evaluation, development and application of alternative healing treatments whilst maintaining reputable clinical prudence and rigorous research integrity.

To provide life skills training for individuals to face the challenges of every day living.


We believe in the application of a holistic therapeutic model for the well being of the mind, body, and spirit.We maintain complete confidentiality, an unbiased and scientific approach keeping in mind the cultural issues.

We value the importance of empirical research in advancing psychosocial interventions and para psychological health practices.We believe in developing the "best-informed" practice by integrating family dynamics, education, socioeconomic status with clinical practice and empirical research.